From his Frontera series of repurposed fences to his A Lure exhibiton in concert with the clothing line Botter, artist Ciro Duclos continues to explore our social constructs at its edges, investigating how they influence us and our current ways of life. Having graduated from The Royal Academy for Visual Arts in The Hague and starting his own art collective, Indebt Studios, Duclos has developed a rich and varied experience that further informs his growing oeuvre. Working primarily with ordinary objects, Duclos specialises in turning the mundane into the sublime, persistently questioning our perceived notions and constantly testing the limits of his art. His Dutch and Peruvian roots have helped him to forge a unique style and outlook that are ever-present in his work. By habitually and willingly stepping over the edge, Duclos can better discern where that edge truly lies and approach it time and again with a true vulnerability and honesty that is all-at-once confronting and wholly refreshing.